Notes from NaNoWriMo

Nov 1:

Today was the first day of writing. I’m glad it’s a Tuesday since I got to write pretty much all day while A was at Options and then this evening since K doesn’t work today or tomorrow. The whole word count thing is pretty funny, I hit 3801 today and I’m happy with that. I probably could have written more except I came to an ending point and didn’t want to start another section. I’m pretty sure most of this is bad writing but it’s a first draft and the whole point of doing this is to get my writing back to where it used to be and 50,000 words will at least help before I go back to my other project.

Nov 4:

I’ve tried to work at home the past two days and it was complete failure. Including falling asleep on the livingroom floor last night. Right now I am really glad that I have such a detailed outline to follow when I do get chances to sit down and write. Unfortunately, my parents just called from the airport they are going to be here for the next 6 days, fun but distracting. So no writing today, but tomorrow after dinner I’m going to write.

Nov 11:

This past week was slim on writing time with my family in town. Yesterday was the first real day I’ve had to write and it was awesome. I sat down for almost eight hours. Not that it all was writing but I reached 12736 words which is a lot. It helps that I’m starting to work on the parts of the story that have more to them. I know that when I go back and edit those first 20 pages are going to need a lot more work than the rest of them. But this month it isn’t about editing just about getting the words down.

When I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year I had really only one goal, to change my habits. Last spring I sort of gave up writing to focus on spending more time with Kevin and Alder, which was a bit of an extreme reaction but it’s what I thought I needed to do. The problem was that I got sucked into all sorts of tv and movie watching after they went to sleep, too much watching. I wasn’t even reading that many books. By the end of the summer I had forgotten what it felt like to be absorbed by a writing project and this seemed like a good way to switch my habits.

I can feel the difference in my days already, or I should say I feel like I have found part of me that I had lost. I know one week might seem fast but I did spend five weeks before hand doing character studies and outlines, so really I’m on week seven of shifting my focus. I am really happy with how the whole project is going, even the story itself (which is really the smallest part of the project for me).

Nov 14: I’m sort of stuck today. I was supposed to be writing this scene that was full of sexual and romantic tension, instead I basically outline a business plan for a co-housing farm. I’m sure there is a place for that but not in a novel that is supposed to be focusing on the many forms of love and relationships. It isn’t even nine so I’m going to try to push through for either another hour or 3,000 words. I don’t think I’m going to get romantically inspired but at least I could put down all this technical frame work or just browse etsy…. we’ll just have to see.

Nov 21: Kevin’s worked a lot of doubles this past weekend so I haven’t had much time to write until today. But I find myself in a dilemma. I had one plan in my outline but I think it won’t work so well, an extra character to add more tension seems like they might actually take away from the focus of the story. Or the additional character could let me discuss how becoming physical with someone is sometimes easier with someone you don’t have an emotional attachment to. I’m stuck but I can’t afford to be stuck especially at this point in the story because¬† can’t just jump ahead without resolving this because it affects everything that follows.

Nov 26: Ugh what a delay, I’m pushing forward though, the next and final days are going to be a tough push. I really think that I can do this. It’s funny my main character just flew to New York for the second part of the story and just having her arrive there is relaxing for me. I feel like it’s me going home. I like how this project doesn’t make that much of a difference in terms of subject because its very self indugent, and vaguely autobiographical.

Nov 28: SO I just got unstuck. Well it is still a slog at this point but I”m starting to see some of the bigger themes that I didn’t know were in the story. There is a big focus on the way we look at our culture and what we refer to in history to understand it. This relates to the main theme of relationships because it isn’t just about relationships but how we look at the ones we are in and how they effect each other. Okay back to writing.


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