It’s been so nice lately that we’ve been spending so much of our time outside. We spend most Fridays with our friends in one of the Denver parks (there are literally hundreds of them). It’s always nice when it’s one we can walk, or scoot to, like last week.


These families have basically become our “class” our kids get along on all different levels and share different interests. No two weeks are the same, in terms of parks or who plays with whom. When there are fights or disagreements they usually work them out on their own. But mainly they play and talk for hours on end, creating bonds that are so wonderful to watch grow. To me the greatest moments are when one or another of the kids just decide to pause for a moment and come flop in their parent’s lap. Just like that they want a break, or a snack, and then off they go again. While the kids play we get to hangout and talk and eat. It is a part of the week that nurtures me so much. These are all amazing women who are choosing to follow their own instincts when it comes to learning, we’re all unschooling but all in different fashions. These women have become my greatest support group.