I’m a little slow this week. Fine a whole week slow, last Saturday the three of us decided to avoid the St. Patrick’s Day craziness that invades Denver and head up to the mountains for the day. With this unusual warm weather we packed up our bags for the first hike of the Summer, Spring.…Winter?




The hiking was great, not too many miles but lots of elevation gain. And there nothing like the excitement of getting to the top of the mountain to make Alder happy. He loves to be outside, he likes to hike, but to actually get to the top of a mountain that we saw driving towards it made him so happy. Even the few sections of snow that we hiked across added to the adventure.

But the days excitement wasn’t over.

We were in the edges of Boulder County, near the town of Nederland. Nederland may be most famous for their Dead Guy, but we were a week late for his party, instead we were there for Happiness. That is the Carousel of Happiness.




While Alder may have thought the rides were the second best part of the day I was seduced by a much simpler and sweeter treat.