Spring comes to Denver all at once. There is no creeping in of the weather, there is just one day when you know that it is here, and so does everyone else. We all also know that the snow isn’t finished for the year but until it snows again everyone will spend all the time we can outside, or near open windows.

Early carrots, lettuce, and spinach have been planted (beets and chard soon to follow). The shift effects us, tears away the grim mask of February, the dirt and sun a balm for the bruised psyche of winter. Plans of tomatoes and basil fill our conversations. As well as the annual corn disagreement (though I think we’ve finally agreed that after this dry winter corn, that produces so little, isn’t good for us our our region).

The real sign of Spring so far was an afternoon picnic by the lake with friends. A mellow afternoon filled with good food. Nothing too fancy or extraordinary, but it’s goodness coming from that simpleness. A reminder that picnics are fun, easy, and needed. There is nothing better than a pretty blanket and thought out food to turn a common afternoon into a memorable one.

Another Spring sighting around this parts are all the restaurants and cafes who are opening up their windows and walls. Denver expands in this season, everyone seems to be sitting outside somewhere, smiling, talking with friends, neighbors, and strangers. By July we’ll be missing shoes and socks, but for now our feet are enjoying the freedom of sandals.

Of course my boots are still sitting by there door, there is still almost two months left for snow storms. Thus is Denver.