Things start not with fanfare or a send off we just begin. Then one day you realize that here you are and things are moving forward and you are in control and that you do know what your doing. Then it snows and the city glows (again because this is the third storm in a row) but it still pretty and who cares if you’ve got to shovel the sidewalk because to be out there for a little while would be awfully nice.

I woke up complaining today, the bed is broken, I’m sort of broken……and then i heard myself and thought how nicer the day (life) would be if i saw it not full of roadblocks but all the rest. So today I’m experimenting with this old way of seeing. with all that is going on in the world how can i even think of feeling stuck or unlucky, it seems selfish and pointless. I’ll add some beauty to our home and find some time for dancing and then when everyone else is asleep I’ll pull out my finished edit and start the first rewrite.

Life is full of challenges right now but life is good, because how else could it be living in this wonderful world of ours surrounded by people i love and interesting ideas?