Wires: That wire thingie that I mentioned last week is in the mail, we will have pictures here again!

Snow: We’re in the middle of a big storm right now we’ve already got a foot and it’s supposed to keep snowing until some time tomorrow. The boys left the house on their skis for the park, while I got cozy in my wool overalls and fuzzy boots and headed to a crowded coffee shop.

Tea: I’m in a perfume mood lately, I’ve been drinking tons of Early Gray and Jasmine tea. They are making me utterly happy.

Projects: I alluded to a new collaboration this year. Well we are far from sharing but I will tell you that I’ve been putting in a lot of time in the business planning and research. We don’t have a name yet but we have a beginning outline of the project so it’s time to sit down and do the serious business work so that we can have fun with the rest of it.

Next time you see me I hope there will be pictures!