an angel now gone

A snow angel from last week’s storm.

Not long after that last post our little computer died. She was such a wonderful machine but she was never meant to be the only computer for a family of three with one business and lots creative projects. She overheated and just could not be revived. Lets just say it was really the inevitable ending to last week. In case any of you were wondering it really is impossible to live without our computer, between online courses Kevin is taking and communicating with family and friends the two days were complicated. At one point I had to call a friend and ask her to check my email for something. Suddenly I’m sitting here in front of a 13 inch screen instead of 7 inches. I no longer have to guess what my photos look like, I can read more than a paragraph of what I am typing at a time.

I have to say I have new respect for the people at the Apple Store. I patiently waited for my turn already knowing we couldn’t afford even the cheapest of laptops, but still I wanted to check one out. When I was finally helped I explained to the guy our situation and rather than trying to get me to spend more money than I could he pulled out a card and wrote down the name of a local company that refurbished MacBooks for less that Apple was selling them for, and it was a woman run business. Without a second thought I drove over there and two days later we had a like new computer with all of our information from our old hard drive rescued. Oh and the cost was under what we were planning on spending. I feel like a kid with a new toy.