There is a lot going on in our family right now so my mind isn’t really in the long explorations I was hoping to start. For now I’ll just list some things could be long thoughts if I had the concentration.

  • Unless you are published a whole bunch people are uncomfortable with you calling yourself a writer. Oddly they also think that spending time writing and being a writer is sort of a waist of time, especially if you happen to have children.
  • My whole life I have been a very decisive person. Something happened when I gave birth to my son I started deferring to my husband, who happens to be the most indecisive person on the planet. I have decided to take back this power for both of our sakes.
  • If one more person tries to frame something in my life as a “learning experience” I may break my passive identity and hurt them.
  • Learning about new to me artists like Beatrice Caron.
  • Most of my fears about people are more in my mind than real, and that I need to acknowledge this and learn how to move through this.
  • Sleep actually is important, but so is writing.
  • I really enjoy the editing process.
  • Learning about new things is almost as exciting as visiting new places and really shouldn’t be left just for children.
  • The curves in the road lead to new views.

I’m pretty much tapped out on reality right now, I’m going to go bury myself in some fiction editing and maybe some mild entertainment. Enjoy your nights.