Wall flock

On our walk to the coffee shop this morning we stepped over confetti and streamers, though our own New Years Eve celebration wasn’t. But now looking forward and behind that this new year, 2012, is starting in a good place.

Last year started with “There is something about 2011 that just brings Opening to mind. Stephanie asked what were our words for the new year and I said rhythm, gratitude and freedom, and they are my personal words but opening is the word that belongs to the year itself. With all four of these words in mind I will walk further into this family journey of learning we have chosen.

This year is different my needs and my family’s have changed. I can’t choose just words for this year but there are only two concepts for 2012 that I feel are where I am going. Collaboration, it is a word and an idea that I am drawn to this year. The other ideas is taking care of myself; my body, my soul. Not something that I’ve had much experience with but I am at a point in my life where deliberate attention to myself is needed. It seems that every year my list is shorter, ideas more distilled.

There are some other goals I have but I’m not quite ready to share them, since every time make a statement of something I am going to do on this blog it never gets finished. So I will wait a little longer until the projects are further along.

What words are inspiring you this year?