I've Been Here Before

Well after a month of insane writing I can proudly tell you that I hit the 50,000 word mark…with ten minutes to spare. The thing is while I reached the word count number I still have far to go in the story, so I’m still writing about fifteen hour a week, I’ve given myself until the end of February to finish this draft.

The experience did exactly what I need it to do. It got me back into the habit of writing, regularly and not finding excuses. It also has reminded me that to have things happen all I need to do is start and not get stuck in the planning. Which I have been doing and it feels so good. So in review I think that the NaNoWriMo experience did everything I wanted it too.

But there was another part to the whole project, not something tangible but a feeling of expansiveness that fills me. The world is so big and there are so many ideas around me, but for the past few years I was closed to them. Putting so much into writing has released some thing in me. I am excited to see where I will take this and how it will all come together.