An Autumn's Walk

My parents have been visiting for almost a week now. It’s been a mellow trip with lots of walks around the neighborhood and making things all together. My habit of getting out usually doubles when we have visitors in town but this past week we’ve stayed closer to home and everyone has been really happy. Today was Grandparent’s Day at Alder’s enrichment program so they spent the morning with him in classes (and we all got to see a great concert to start the morning off). They’re leaving in the morning and once again I’m wishing they came for longer. Though I’m also happy to get back to our regular rhythms as a family.


Teaching Grandma

I think everyone’s favorite part of the last week was when Alder taught his grandparents to the process of making monoprints (don’t worry we’ll be sharing here too). He really loves the process and explained not only the steps of what to do but why they were doing it as well.