Our Messy Life

Just some thoughts about life at this moment.


People talk about Spring Cleaning and getting ready for the holidays but for me it’s these beautiful days of autumn that make me wish I had a nicer space. One where we got direct sunlight light in more than three windows. Where all the floors weren’t covered in beige carpet. But I can’t really complain. I don’t want to move away from this place. I love our location and all the great people who live near by. And I really do love this house, I would just make some adjustments, ones that I can’t do since we rent.

I want to get rid of a lot of stuff again, I want to be honest about what we use and what we carry with us because it is habit. Every time I start this process I head to the dresser but I need to start some where else for a change, letting the initially motivation push me through a different space more fully.

I dream of having a cleared desk that I can use for more than I holding space. I haven’t sat at my desk in over a month. Though some of that has to do with the state of my desk chair (four pieces). I want to get back to enjoying the cheery learning space more. Today was good ALder and I spent most of today making monoprints in there but it’s been too long.

I want to start reading more again. This stupid internet sucks me in and I forget about how much I love to read books. Last week I read a mystery story, whenever I need to return to reading I start out easy with a mystery and then work my way in to good books. But I’m having a hard time finding books that really engage me. I am over any thing about a “coming of age story” or “three generations of women” I like book where the writing is beautiful but it can’t just be about the writing the story has to pull me forward. A book where I need to fight between finding out what happens next and slowing down to revel in the words is my idea of heaven.

On the subject of reading I’ve been really bad with Alder lately, we love to read together but our life is so disorganized that there are so many days when it doesn’t happen. Yesterday we went to the library and got a bunch of stories that he likes and we are going to get in the habit of reading every day. Today we started with reading two Nate the Great books. On the other hand he’s been writing lots of stories, either he dictates to me or he sounds the words out. I’m not a fan of the paper we’re using, it’s newsprint, but I like the space for a drawing on top and lines for writing below. I think I’ll just make some with printer paper instead and make them half size and be able to make them into little books to fill instead.

Alder is really interested in domes right now. We’re going to go see a Buckminster Fuller dome and we are going to make one using newspapers. We found the instructions here, it’ll be fun and we are going to invite our friends.

The garden is coming to an end for the year, I’m ready to put it to sleep. We had a great year and next year I want to be more organized and have a map and calendar, then maybe I’ll be willing to try a cold frame. It has been so great to be able to eat from it all summer.