I started this to talk about how Alder spends a lot of his time learning with his friends, how even without organized “classes” they naturally work together to solve problems. In addition as parents of unschooling we all get excited about things and put out their to the other local families if they want to join in.

That’s what I was going to write about but I’m not. Because as I started to put together my ideas, while doing our normal Sunday morning at the coffee shop with friends, the pattern blocks were pulled out. Which led to a conversation about quadrilaterals among the grownups, which we all realized that we didn’t actually have a clear idea of what each form was called. Which led us to this page, and a long discussion among the grownups. This  led to more discussions about this map.

For us as a family, and a community of friends this is a constant, we are always learning from each other and together, and creating together. For me these are the moments with my friends that I love. Tonight we’re going to see a art show that some friends have put together. I’m excited to see how it all came together. I’m excited because this is the world that I want to bring my son up in. One where everyone around him is learning and creating for no reason than it i