I look for my own inspiration from what I see out the corner of my eye.

I had grand ideas of what I was going to touch on here, but then I got to thinking about it and how while yes I can back up why we have a studio with lots of quotes from various educators both homeschoolers and other but really we do it because we feel that the best experiences with art come not from prescribed projects but from exploration of the materials mixed with inspiration from our lives and the books we read, and the trips we take. We also do it because we would hate it if someone told us we couldn’t make art when we wanted to how we wanted to.

The other day I was talking with a friend, an artist and father of three grown children. I was telling him about our studio and he made the comment that I needed to remember that not all kids were like Alder, that a large part of why we do have so much of our art supplies out for him to use is that he is the child who will learn and care for his tools. So I want to make sure that before you decide to put out all of your supplies that you take some time to think about your child(ren) and how they will work within this environment. The last thing you want to do is create a situation where you are setting your child up for disappointment.  I would think a while about your child and start slow, a set of water colors and paper where they can always use them. But remember you need to show them how to use them and care for them. Slowly you can add to the studio as you go. Really there isn’t a need to have all of the stuff there at the beginning, the point is to give your child the tools to express themselves freely and learn about the tools they use, beyond what you tell them.

So go out and get that one first supply and guide them through the first few times, then put it out where they can use it. Explain that it is out because you feel that they know how to use it and should be able to do it when they feel like. Don’t threaten but gently remind them that these are good supplies for using. In our house we talk about slow art and fast art and which medias work best for each. If you have any further questions just ask.