Lately I’ve been stuck on picture taking. I feel like my photos are getting worse, like I can’t see what I’m looking at clearly any more. I know that this time of year when the heat is endless and no longer a novelty it’s hard to spend time out side and when we do I don’t want to be carrying the black camera against my chest. But it goes deeper, I want to see shifts in what I am doing but I’m not sure what to change, this is one of the battles in self teaching figuring out how to keep going and searching out new ideas. I try to model this for Alder but sometimes it is okay to walk away from something and gestate. Roll the ideas around in my mind until I am ready to keep going. This too is an important to model, it might not be the traditional learning mode. But I find that taking a step away, whether it’s from writing, climbing or whatever, is usually beneficial. Sure returning can have a tough remembering curve until things are as smooth as they used to be but once you get past that you get to the place where your skill and the new ideas come together.

And I see Alder doing this himself. A few months ago he had spent a lot of time play Jumpstart and asking for all sorts of alphabet games. Then he just stopped, got more interested in other things for a while. A few nights ago after he went to bed he got back out and found me, it was 9:30. “Hey Mama didn’t you say we had some learning how to read books?” So I pulled out our set of Bob Books and he worked his way through the first four books. I guess I could say I’ve seen hints lately, him telling me what letters words start with. We’ve never done any preparing to read nor have worked on letters, unless you count playing games. He just took the time and put it together in his head.

If he can process things and come out the other side reading I think it’s time for me to pick up the camera again and see what I can find through the viewfinder.

Here are a few “drawings” I did with the camera the other night.