The Real

It’s that time of year when the endlessness of summer is, well endless. I’m a cold weather sort of gal living in a hot summer city. Just around this time of year when the local schools are starting, the pools closing and everyone start acting as though the weather has shifted despite the 95 degree days, I start dreaming of sweaters and hot coco. This summer we are in the middle of a few suspended shifts. Kevin’s business  moving into our house, Alder’s want for more learning activities and my own determination to use this year to heal my body. None of these things have really started yet, there is an unsaid need to wait for cooler weather to begin.

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t working towards them. There is a lot of reorganization going on around the house. Making the living room usable as an acupuncture treatment room, moving Alder’s learning space into my studio, creation of a marketing plan for said business. Unfortunately, between work, learning and family obligations these projects are dragging out over a few weeks.  Leaving us to live within the chaos of “just before”.

Still that living has most of it’s same rhythm, even if we can’t always find a free chair to sit in at breakfast. But the levels of stress are starting to be seen in all of us. It’s funny how even though we understand things are about to get a lot easier there is still more bickering and frustrated sighs among all of us. We keep sane mainly by talking about the changes we are making and dreaming of those sweaters and escaping to the mountains when we can.