Old Shot New Thought

Tomorrow I turn 38, I love the way the number looks when I write it on paper, women and moons. So this will be a year of women and moons. Taking time to care my self, body and soul. Finding a rhythm infused with the ancient moon as well as way we are now. I want to fill my life with indigo and cloud colors. I want to peer through and see slivers of marigold and rose. This is the year of the body and color. This is the year of rhythm, there isn’t a need to search any longer, all I need to do is sit with what I know and everything is there.

So for me this new year has few goals, I am not reaching for a great many things, instead I want dig deeply and find the magic within. Still I want to list my intentions for this year.

Body  To put aside time for my body every day to learn how I can nurture it.

Creativity Everyday even if it is just a scribble of words or a doodle make something.

Family To spend more time as a family and less time in our seperate worlds.

Soul To find a practice of nurturing my soul and heart every day.

Play To relax and find more joy in everyday, stop being a sourpuss so often.

Economics  To help Kevin to strengthen his business and get The Little Red Canoe to where we can start making some money.

I am envious of the people who can have lists as long as their years and then review them and show how they have check off so many. I am not that woman instead I will say only the things that I truly need to do for myself and the people around me that I love.