At the Creamery

It’s that time of year when everything is starting. Schools start next week around here and there is the influx of information about classes and programs and teams floating around. DS decided a few months ago that he wants to try a once a week enrichment program that a lot of his friends were in last year, so he is signed up for that but he has expressed that he doesn’t want to do any other classes.

But we keep getting asked to join in with other homeschoolers trying to coordinate programs. This is the moment where I am doing the learning. There is that little voice in my head saying “he needs this to grow up” but I am learning now that he is five things don’t need to change. That he is still the same kid who is going to tell me exactly what project or adventure we should take on, the same child who will start the day with a question about “the first day ever” and end, 22,000 questions later with “if houses are made out of bricks are they stronger than time?”


I am learning to be at peace with this, I am shifting my perspective to see that this way of living is beauty. This my dear friends is the real and wonderful work of being an unschooling parent. The unpacking of my teacher brain, of my there is someone else telling me how things are supposed to be done thoughts, all of it has another side. It brings me closer to my true self, as I let my child learn in freedom I am finding to joy within myself. The freedom to work hard on my passions and to see the deep and true love around me.