I’ve often wondered about the people who can be inspired to change their life because of a book they’ve read or someone they saw speak once, or people whose religions inspire something truly deep and a focal point in their life. I am not this woman. For all my excitement about John Holt or Mary Oliver my real inspiration comes from a lot closer to home, from people in my life.

We do a pretty good job of living true to our ideals, though the economics of life has thrown obstacles in our life. But in the past month I have had the opportunity to be with a lot of women who inspire me. Whether its for their personal motivation to take a passion and make it their life or it’s how they look at their children’s learning, they have inspired me lately. Through watching them I find myself pushing harder to make this life we want work better. Through listening to their wisdom I remind myself to slow down and think before speaking. Through being with them I am reminded how strong I am too.

Then yesterday two friends spoke their own words of wisdom and the strength I feel grew even stronger( here and here).