way up

We went climbing the other day. I haven’t been since I was pregnant, still I love it.

across the way

We went to Red Rocks Canyon outside of Colorado Springs.


We don’t get a lot of time together as a family and this is how we choose to spend it. With our faces inches from slabs of sandstone, trusting each other completely with our lives.


Alder loves it, it amazes me to watch him thirty feet up alone figuring it all out by himself.  For me it was the magic of remembering the rock, the feel of it, the different way of looking at the world, where you are there only with the rock. I missed the sun and sweat, the dusty heat that smells like fun and love.



Alder is turning out to be quite a climber, no surprise to me. But the way he is when he is on the rock reminds me of Kevin, more graceful than on solid ground.