With the heat of the city and the noise in my mind we escaped for a few nights to visit Alder’s Godmama up in Fraser. There was lots of playing, hiking, exploring, running around, jumping, and some late night talks while baking cookies. On the way home we stopped for a sticky mucky muddy (and rather windy) picnic. This season is turning into one with lots of adventuring, and exploring both near and far. But we’ll have to survive on day hikes for the next two weeks.

Before the Skaters got there

Who knew how much fun could be had in a skate park with no wheels.



There were projects that reminded me of things we did a kids.


bridge making

Though as adults we’ve learned a little so the bridge was for the foxes.



There were new tools to experiment with.

still full of snow

Alder had a hard time believing that we couldn’t actually go skiing, going there didn’t completely persuade him.

Not a bad spot for a picnic

I could have sat there all afternoon but the wind was so strong that the apples in our hands were getting covered with silt.