Front View

It isn’t even June and our garden is starting to feed us. The greens from last year (kale and chard) are huge and are steamed almost every night or added to stews and sauces. The lettuce and radishes make salads for lunch and dinner. The most exciting part is the spinach that we had our first harvest of last night. It isn’t all perfect, I seem to be in a loosing battle with my garlic, every few days another plant dies. Still the garden is filling in and the boxes in the back of the house are starting to show signs of green.

All of this and we don’t have a yard. We’re just Hell Strip Farmers with no budget and a father in law with a lot of scrap wood. Yet we grow a lot of our own food, not enough to put up for winter but enough to eat from it daily. We also compost on the cheap, like $14 for to large bins. For us Urban Gardening isn’t about buying fancy tools or containers, it’s about having fun and most of all saving money on vegetables.

We live on a busy street, a main commuting artery from downtown, there are restaurants and bars up and down the street, still our neighbors and us manage to keep our gardens going. I’m sure that people take a little from the garden, a lot of people ask to taste things. I’m okay with that as long as they respect the space. We get a lot of comments from people walking by, I just hope that a few of the ones who say they want to start something like this do.

Side Greens Boxes
Street side boxes work well for things with small roots, right now they hold lettuce and spinach.

Two regular size garbage pails sit on the concrete with a 2×4 frame. The pails have 5/8″ holes drilled all over, under the porch is a plastic tub where we put the compost when it is mainly done, this spring we had the tub and one pail worth of finished “dirt”.

Front Box
Everything in this box, except the carrots was planted last year. I wish I knew why my garlic is so sad.

Shaded Boxes
The closer of the rail boxes was built out of an ally treasure of an old metal shoe polish display. I’m still not completely sure about using metal but Kevin made them and they are our herb garden.

A little beauty
While I would be happy to turn the entire garden into a vegetable plot Alder and Kevin decided that they wanted a “water feature” so here you have a water fall made from rocks from K’s parent’s house, an old ash collector from a bbq grill and the wooden box has a juice bottle with a tube that slowly lets water out.