I thrive most when I am reminded about the reasons that I do things. Being around friends with creative spirits, other parents making conscious choices. I ride each of these moments like waves inspiring my own parenting and creativity. The same way that each time I speak about my choices it makes them steadier.


To keep this spirit I try to keep my studio full of reminders of people and ideas that inspire me. I recently put a box on my wall that holds four sections. It’s the extent that I can have an altar in a house with two cats. I filled it yesterday with memories. Whelk shells from the river collected with Alder. An chimpanzee and babe that my Dad gave my mom when I was three. Antique pigment bottle with cork stoppers. In the top section is a ivory Buddha that my Dad gave my mom on one of their first dates, in the 1950s.


But all of these talismans can not do the work for me. They do not lay the words on the pages, or cut the line in the board, that is left to me. Still the when I see my candle through a piece of sea glass or the edge of a print made by a friend I am reminded that there is so much to be done. It helps with the inertia that I still battle.

I thought I had more to say but there is work to be done and an adventure to be had. Bring joy to your world today and see how it feels.