It’s been three weeks since I wrote about food, and my hopes for the changes we are going to make. It’s been a struggle, we’re definitely improving what’s going on here but I really feel like the big shift needs to happen still. But then we have days like this where we need to go out for most of the day and we’re out of lunch food, so yes we’ll be stopping to eat. My hope is that we’ll coordinate our trip so that it’ll be a salad bar, both loved and healthy.

I think about this so much lately, about how this seems like such a psychological change for me. I know how I want to eat and what I want to eat, which is really how we have eaten for years excluding the last year. The “road-blocks” for me are simple. First, our kitchen is very small and hard to keep organized. Second, economically and freshness-wise we have to switch to smaller every two week shoppings rather than huge monthly ones, except that by the end of a month we have to rebuild those staples and end up using up so much of our food budget that a second shopping becomes impossible. I know these “road blocks” are more in my mind than anything, I could figure this all out if I just sat down for a moment and thought about it, except that nothing comes into my mind other than “crap I am so stuck”.

This all comes back to the whole I can’t separate food from, living, from creating, from learning, from loving in our life. I thought that changing food first would be the best way to make changes but maybe I really need to work on every area a little to make the changes happen.  Some of it I have been changing, we added one more morning of stretching to our week, I’ve been making more and watching movies less, and when we do end up going out it’s rarely for greasy food. So it’s a start.

The other thing I know is that it is almost outside farmer’s market season and if we add that to our weekly rhythm then our eating will shift a lot, not to mention that our first season in the garden is really starting to get somewhere. In general the whole shift to outside living always help what we eat.

Still a lot of the “horror” I see in our eating habits are from my skewed perspective. We still mainly eat for made by scratch, and not too much. We don’t keep soda or any junk food in the house. We’re not evil about it, just understand that getting a can of soda on occasion if we really want them is so much better for us than just having them around and having it passively not only isn’t good for us but takes away from the joy that comes from the treat.

Honestly, I keep on being brought back to the concept of breath. How taking deep ones not only bring in more oxygen but they give us mental space. If I can breathe deeply and see the changes and all the pieces coming together I can act on them and create the calm in our lives that I am looking for.

Well that’s where I’m at right now on food….or is it just change?