So I’ve been about as creative as a snail lately. Call it the February March blues or just inertia but I’m not getting anywhere on any of my projects and I’m spending too much time ingesting pointless media. In the last few weeks it’s been driving me crazy, still that damn inertia has a hold. However, I have managed to get a little inspired lately.

I really connected to this book.

This Artist’s work got me thinking about things I want to do, especially her Buildings.

This book of poetry still fills my head, especially the poem The Wings.
So I’ve decided to rail against inertia and start making, writing, and being again. Even if it means that I fill a whole page with the word write (umm I actually did that this morning before I could even come up with an actual idea to put on the paper).  So I am wishing a season of creativity and movement to everyone. If anyone has ideas or inspiration please share it with me.