On some days this is who I am

We are strong women who have one child, whose lives are spent with them but are not defined by them.

Yet being Mama informs every choice we make especially our deliberate acts of strength, independence and creativity.

We choose just one child we understand our needs are more than just motherhood but are not exclusive of it.

We know just how much we are able to give to others.

We are never totally part of the world of mothering, nor are we like our childless friends.

We tend towards strong emotions both wondrous and crashing.

We see beauty as complex, it’s edges aren’t always soft.

We have dreams that dictate the where and how we live.

We are uncompromising to a fault.

We live fiercely and still enjoy the word fuck more than lovely most days.

We see every relationship we have as complex and unique, and between two individuals, that extends to our child.

We are unsure what to do with large crowds, many hands, or excess demands.

But we still crave community and the world of the child.

We don’t see anything separated in our lives.

We share too much and too little.

We are aware of all the contradictions in ourselves and alternatively love and hate it.

For every moment of strength there is one of fragility; all of which make us who we are.

This is for all the Mamas of only children in my life (and those without blogs). [I please do not take this as a judgment on having more than one child or none, this is just a statement about choosing one.]