Grandma and Dad Roger kidnapped Alder for a few days and Kevin stayed over in the Springs to do work so what did I do?

Book heaven


what I left with


What doesn’t show up here was all the hours of walking and thinking I did. Some people meditate, I sprite. Not a real word but one I invented long ago in middle school. Spriting is when you go for a very long walk and have enough time to let all of your day dreams play out in your mind until there are no more outcomes possible to imagine, no matter how salacious or academic it’s all been covered. They are not for doing errands or heading out to meet friends, they are about silence. A used book store, a coffee shop, all places along the way where the silence can stay with you. I suppose there were many other things I could have done with my time, new things. But in the end I did what was needed for the moment and for the change of season.