This first real Sunday of the year we woke up to snow.  One thing reminds me more than anything else why I love urban living, walking through the snow to a coffee shop to spend some time reading, playing games and spending time with friends. Much of our week is free form, we have family rhythms but try not to make too many outside commitments. But the one we hold fast to is our Sunday mornings with friends. As one friend puts it “it’s good for my soul.”


I bring this up again because I have been fighting a writing wall lately. I have so much to say all day but when I sit down to the computer it all vanishes. So many thoughts I felt were inspiring enough to share dissipate in front of the screen. So for a while I’m just going to get something down, because it feels good to write, to see the pictures mixed with words. Even if there are plenty of crashes going on down stairs, it’s worth it.

Rescue Snails

It’s a bright and sunny Monday now, Alder wants to ski to the bookstore downtown. I can’t even fathom how we’ll make it back up the hill or what all the people that work there will think of a boy on skis (it’s not like this is a small town). But my mind still lingers on yesterday, the 40th birthday party we went to, full of friends and conversations. There are four men in my son’s life other than Kevin who never stop amazing me. Regardless of their own individual “specialness” watching their own joy in playing with him is the greatest gift. When I was pregnant my friends all talked about how they thought the babies world should be. Honestly I thought is was just fun dreaming, yet here we are four years later and Alder was outside all day yesterday with these men, playing in the snow and blowing things up (one of them seems to specialize in exploding play).


Sometimes I feel too lucky, so I started at Solstice a year of gratitude. Every week I make or do something for a friend who has been helpful in the last year. I don’t really want to highlight it here, it’s a personal project not something to show off. But I did want to share the idea. It came from an NPR interview with a guy who wrote 365 thank you letters, it then became a book (can’t find the link).  I think at first it will be easy, there are some people who I really do need to thank but as the year goes on I am going to have to search deeply, and that search itself will be part of the journey.