This morning while poking around some favorite blogs I saw a final picture from a 365 project and felt a little sad. I want to be in a place where I can commit to a year long daily project, I know I am not there. I want to be there but I know there is a lot of work to be done before I can keep promises like that. Instead I am starting small this year, I am working on rhythm, I am working on freedom, I am working on creativity. Like I said before 2011 feels like a year of Opening, and I am walking through that door and starting simply to bring my world with me. I see the other side of that door as a place where everything isn’t last minute, search for everything, fake it because I’m not ready sort of life. It’s a place where my own box of paints don’t get dusty so often and more people come ans sit at our table for meals. It’s a place where I let go of fear and replace it with action, or at least look for the actions that can replace what I do fear. It is a place where I do rather than wait.

I’ve started simply, no coffee since New Years day, I’ve drawn and painted and knitted and wrote. I’m even thinking about the how of picture taking, or more properly the why. I’ve even done dishes every day it’s a little start, but then the year is only four days old.