Our re-entry to Denver has been bumpy. Alder doesn’t do so great when our rhythm disappears for long and coming back is no easier. I’m seeing a side to him that I know comes from me and we are bumping heads a lot. Though this same similarity is als creating new connections between us. Alder is definitely a child who lives in the world. He is aware of everything going on around him and is starting to pick up on a lot of my mood, and other people’s as well. I see it in the questions he asks, and his want to leave social activities for the coziness of home.

the big red house cooking at the big red house

monkey house Shannon’s new spot deep in the woods.

The thing is with home is that it can be an overwhelming place for me. Growing up, home was a lonely place so I spent a lot of time going out and doing things. It wasn’t that I wanted to be social especially just that I didn’t want to be alone in the apartment. But now with Alder and the house we live in I want to stay home more.  That means I have to change how I approach home, including the way I use it. For long it was just a place for cooking, sleeping and a place to put things. But when you really live in a home it needs to be different. So starting the week before we left, I began a major decluttering of our lives. So far we’ve tackled clothing and the kitchen (this was a two day process that I just finished.

A Little bit of our home already

What I’ve noticed a lot lately in the house is while it has a lot of things in it so many of them are not useful, or actually have no purpose or are just ugly. If I am going to settle into spending a lot of time in this place I need it to be beautiful and usable. Right now it struggles to be either.  So we are beginning to create a place where we can come together as a family(that’s a whole other post).

a table laid Though there are somethings like Coco that bring us together already.

The root of this comes from many places and people I have met in the past few years. While Vermont was a trial for us I met some women there who I have connected with on so many levels. Families who Alder calls our ‘Vermont family’. They are women who have taught me so much about living your dream and embracing home and hearth with all the creativity and passion of art. They were the women who shook their heads when they heard about Alder and I spending the day in Boston because we couldn’t think of what to do at home. But still fed my son peanut butter crackers or homemade honey hazelnut butter (?).  They are women who have taught me the value of home, of being there and loving it as a worthwhile use of my time. Something so foreign to my career oriented family. They are helping me to let go of other people’s notions of what my life should be like that’s complete other post itself).

For those of you who want some inspiration here are some stuff that’s inspired me.

This book has made me feel that what I felt was right wasn’t all that insane.

The articles here talk all about learning and young children, actually they talk about a lot more but since I have a young child that’s what I’m reading.

See that couch in the background here? I desperately miss sitting on it for endless hours.