This year we flew east to spend Thanksgiving with my family and see some old friends. There was so much in those ten days that I wish we could have stayed for a few more weeks just to sit by the fire and read.

sigh, too short a visit
There was a lot of planning with friends: particularly a camping trip back to a favorite spot in Maine, and a hopeful wish of an isolated winter retreat in 2012.

The old collection of Lego was pulled out for Alder, but it was the grownups that really got into it.

And the grownups played with lego

In our family Thanksgiving is really a series of two big feasts surrounded by cooking and other smaller meals. Alder fell asleep on the dinning room couch every night.


it's a funny thing, family

Evenings started with friends showing up for snacks and drinks and lasted ’til the wee hours when us middle generation had finished off the last of some bottle of wine.


The table was set for 18, except for the cranberries every bowl on the table was something different.

home baking

There were three home baked pies, two birthday cakes (two birthdays around Thanksgiving), another cake and a pumpkin cheese cake. Like everything else they were all home made. It’s lucky that we had two kitchens to work with.


As if there hadn’t been enough eating on the way home we stopped at a soup party to see some more friends that we’ve missed a lot since we left Vermont.

He named his tiger after her


old friends

Leaving too quickly from their house we drove back to New York for a one more day.