colors that bring joy

In colors like these and moments like it to I remember everyday to be thankful. But on days like today I remember not only to be thankful but also excited by all of the people who I share my life with.


It’s two o’clock here, we’ve been cooking since seven and finally a moment’s rest. Alder is in the shop with Big Dad building something, the cake is on the table along with the pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, and indian pudding all waiting to head to the Big Red House. There’s a fire in the livingroom and a stack of books I want to read. But I wanted to pause to say how thankful I am.

In the last year so much in my life has come together and there are so many people in my life that have been so supportive, and patient, with me.  We showed up in Denver, rumpled, depressed and unsure. I imagine we were a little like an orphan on the doorstep of our old friends. Well they took us in, not in pity but with motivation and have helped, and prodded, and motivated, and side tracked us all along the way.

I am also grateful for our families who have helped us to reinvent ourselves, again and again over the past few years. For helping us out when we needed it, for whisking Alder away to give me time. For listening and not reminding us of the past mistakes and helped us to look for the future.

Then there are the amazing Mamas I’ve connected with over the last year. Women with equally strong convictions about how to live as families and people in our community. But more importantly they are the pack of kids that are Alder’s friends, all different and all gentle (in soul). They are also the families that are beginning to create a wonderful learning community that I hope grows over the years, with all of the plans our imaginations can come up with.

Finally I am thankful for my husband and son. Two of the most amazing people I have ever met (how’d I get so lucky to be related to them?). Through all the toughness of the past few years none of us have let go of the vision we have of our life. Oh and did I mention all the dishes and laundry he does.  Now, as we are slowly coming back into the world of the living and refinding so much joy in being together as a family I can only hope that we slow down enough to remember how our life journey is an amazing one.