Ever since we moved into this house last January we have been a little uncomfortable. We really want to stay here, the location and the house are amazing, not to mention all the neighbors. But we’ve moved so many times in the last few years that we didn’t even sign a year-long lease. But last week we handed in our second, longer, lease on this place and we are reveling in it. Yesterday morning I had a few hours to do some writing. When I came home I found that Kevin and Alder had spent some time moving things around in the living area. Wow, it really feels like a home now. Not to mention the garlic we planted yesterday.


One of our big needs around here is space for being together. For so long we have been floating through giving each other lots of space to be alone, because it was what we needed. But now it is time for coming together. Family meals, learning and creating, just cuddling on the couch. All of them have spaces of their own now.