She says already laughing at herself (never use this construction in the real world).

shuffled out

a rare pause at the museum

We’ve been busy. With Co-ops and playing with friends. Picnics and trips to the library and museum. Visits to three, or maybe four parks. Books read, movies watched, experiments done. And still there is a long list of ‘didn’t we want to do….’ in my back pocket. I succumbed to letting A watch movies this morning just so I could do dishes and clean the bathroom. I have a big stack of writing and organizing of writing due to a friend Friday and I am still dealing with chapters with names like “Blue Paint” or “Scene 1″ or” Scene 2, or Maybe 3, or possibly 6″ and my favorite “Chicken Killer”.

Yet I still look wistfully at my sewing machine and at my cabinet of supplies and think of all the other projects I really want to do. Sigh, there is just too much to do and some days I feel like I have no energy to do more than sit in the park and build sand cities. Don’t get me wrong sand cities are amazing but shouldn’t I have started my 4th sweater this fall and have half my holiday gifts done? Not to mention the fact that I made exactly 0 parts of Alder’s costume this year and 0 parts to mine?

Well for now I’ll be swamped down at the coffee shop every night after dinner trying to wrestle these pages in to something somewhat logical. If you see Alder and I around town it’ll be in a blur silliness and foot steps, please ignore the unusually high voice I may being using, it’s actually a girl named Lemonade not me.