So occasionally I put stuff here about writing. It seems incongruous with the rest of the themes here but it isn’t. Just as homeschooling, and family are big parts of my life so is writing. For someone who spends most of her time with her son and has a part time job I still try to spend close to twelve hours a week writing fiction. It is a big part of who I am and what I love. Also while this blog is meant for the public it is also a place where I keep things for myself that would get lost in a notebook. So when it seems like I’ve gone off on a tangent, really it is just part of the larger picture. If you lived in my everyday world it would be pretty normal. Yes I do go around asking my friends if they (for example) know where I can observe a kosher or halal-ah chicken butcher or if they have any music from 1906 (I would kill to listen to some wax cylinders).

So for all of you people I’ve “met” through the education world I just thought I’d explain all of this. And if you ever hear mention of yellow pads that’s because I write everything long hand first, on yellow legal pads.