Want to hear the one about the Mama who woke up and looked at the clock and saw that it was nine in the morning?

Yup that was me today. Thirteen hours of sleep last night, thanks to falling asleep while putting Alder to bed last night and a certain husband, that would be mine, who let this woman sleep in for a change. Perhaps you know what it’s like being a Mama, where the balance between time for you and sleep is a precarious one. There is so much I want to do in the few hours I have that sometimes often I sacrifice sleep. It builds, add to that noisy neighbors and my own weakness for stories, I get truly sleep deprived.

What, one might ask, does a well rested woman do with her day. Sigh, it helps when you wake up to breakfast with husband and son of crepes, eggs and potatoes. Not to mention hot coffee right from the press. Follow that with a bit of writing time followed by a shower. Now you are talking heaven, and we haven’t even gotten to the afternoon.

After cleaning myself up Alder and I loaded up all our library returns and headed downtown for lunch, library and museum. After all who wants to get in a car on a day like that.

It looked a little like this:

Body Chairs


That's Me

Dorothy Parker


Not bad for a Wednesday.