I’m still going through over 500 pictures from our trip. Here’s one for starters.

Water Board

We had a great time, we laughed a lot, we found joy in being together, we saw sides of ourselves that have been hidden for too long. All of this motivated us for the upcoming season. To help us turn these dreams of ours to reality. We are so close, in many respects the only thing holding us back has been our own fears and hang ups.

Transitioning back into our regular life has been a little hard. While we were away we talked in detail about some short-term goals we have, we talked so much that I almost persuaded myself that we had already reached them. So now I am having to go through the actual actions that will make them happen, it waivers between exciting and intimidating. The thing is we’re going into this fully and strong for the next thirty days we are not going to buy anything except food, gas and the occasional entrance fee for a museum or state park. The other side of the project is to get a lot of the crap out of our house. Whether it is donating stuff to the thrift store or making a lot of the projects that we’ve acquired the supplies for but never got to making it’s going to happen this month.

The next stage of this project which will start some time this month has more to do with my soul (for lack of better words), I’m not sure where I am going with that part but I know that it has to do with love and change and being a woman in a family of me and losing the anger and blame that sometimes grows inside of me.

So as if working and living our life isn’t enough this is what’s going on around here.