We’re heading out in a few hours for some much needed family time. Just a bit of being the three of us, not something that’s happened much this summer. We need to root back into who we are as people, as a family. We need to play and have fun. We need some hot springs and apples, some sand dunes and mountains. We need some time to sit on a porch in the silence and just be together. We need the healing power of family just for a little while so we can start this new season with love and balance.

And that love and balance is what we want to go forward with. A new goal of happiness is greeting us for Autumn. This summer was one of doing and working and pushing through somethings, but the intensity of the past three months has exhausted us. We are happier than we were before but now we need to find a balance between the two. We need to pause and be in love with each other, with our journey, and with ourselves.

Enjoy your week.