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The best thing we found at the fleamarket wasn’t something to take home.
I’ve needed a step back. Actually it is more like a step in lately. It’s easy with a blog to spend your time doing things and thinking how you want to blog it, what picture to take so everyone can see what you’re doing. The thing is when you are focusing on the recording of what you are doing there is always a distance between you and what you are doing. So lately we’ve been leaving the camera at home and just doing things, engaging in life rather than cultivating it.

But it is cyclical to me, I move between sharing and doing. Sort of like the Waldorf inhale and exhale. I find myself missing recording lately, wanting to put out in the world what we’ve been doing, what I’ve been thinking.

When I started blogging I promised myself that I would never feel guilty for leaving this space for a longer period time than usual, I blog for me, I write these posts because I need to get them out. I love when they become a conversation, but having them written down and photographed and out of me is really what I find important. So I am dipping my feet back into the water here, taking more pictures, finding more words to share.