From my love
Friday I woke up to the soft light of early morning, my boys were leaving to the Springs for the day. Kevin to work and Alder for a day with Grandma. My birthday wouldn’t be different from any other Friday. Except that I am me and I believe in the private rituals of my life. One of them revolves around my birthday, I watch the day unfold, everything I see and hear and do gives me a sense of what the next year will be. So after a brief loving moment with my family, rose and singing card included, I watched as they drove down the street and I was left alone with the cat.

The quiet filled the house and I sat still for a while. Listening to the familiar rhythm of the first of the commuting cars and my neighbors getting up. I did not rush. I made no lists for the day, that was my gift to myself.

Finally, after one too many kitty nails in my legs I packed up my laptop and notebook and walked down the street to the coffee shop. I treated myself to a chocolate croissant and an americano. I stayed, just long enough to feel full.

Path of my year

Then in pure pleasure I took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning light. The day was creeping in and the silence that comes with it felt so good. I walked and watched and took in everything as summer just was and the city just was. I capture it with the camera, though most of it I just let flow around me.


A call from a friend that spanned from canning to kayaking, cats to counting. It was the easy sort of conversation, only possible since we’ve known each other for 32 years, meeting the first day of Kindergarten. The silence returns as the phone returns to my pocket.

Home again for a shower and flowy clothes and a bike ride to South Broadway for lunch and yarn with a friend.


Afterwords I play, I haven’t done this in a while. I bike ride around the city for no other reason than pleasure. I wind my way through out-of-the-way warehouse districts and neighborhoods of small houses. I avoid downtown following the quiet streets.

With an hour until work I park my bike at my friend’s house and talk printing and design, collage and scanners.

Work rolls by easily, simply.

Then back to my friend’s to spend the night in their spare cottage. But first a few caipirinhas as a birthday treat.

And that is how I spent my 37 Birthday.