just start

I am queen of great ideas. They pile up in notebooks, scraps of paper, but mainly in my mind. I’m not talking fanciful dreams but concrete doable projects. It gets worse with the heat. But I am declaring this week (my weeks start on Fridays) Just Start Week. I am going to see how many of these projects I have in my head are feasible.


Some of the projects are little, like find all the matching socks. Others are more important, like photograph and load the two shelves of stuff I have for etsy. Still others are more important on a deeper level like finishing editing section one (obscure reference I am sorry). The point is projects are difficult to start. Life is busy, they seem unimportant, but then they keep popping up.

find your own calm

Besides crossing things off a to do list is so satisfying, almost as much as the finished project itself.

But being me don’t expect daily updates, remember this is an experiment. Done by a woman whose life is already busy to the point of silly. Still just maybe I’ll get something done and share it here. Sort of the ultimate crossing off the list right? All out in public. Or maybe I should just be satisfied with getting the stuff done.