self portrait

I’m not sure if the changes in Alder since his birthday are developmental or just part of him deciding what four year olds do but he has started doing a lot more. According to him 4 means that you wipe yourself after pooping, brush your own teeth, decide what you are going to wear, carry grocery bags, and “understand certain things actually.”

But what I’ve noticed beyond his declarations is his interest in recording his ideas and feelings. First it was a self-portrait, then it was a stack of drawings of museums he wants to build. Then today when I was writing the shopping list he asked for the pad of paper, to add what he wanted. He drew carrots, apples, tomatoes, and a box of pasta. He said that it was important for me to know what to get for him and that was how he could write “for now”

But oh has he have plans for writing. He’s got the pencils sharpened and the paper waiting and a stack of ABC books from the library. I guess I’m just going to follow his lead and see where this all goes. I’m not in any rush and am totally aware that he isn’t passing the physical developmental markers for natural reading (he doesn’t comfortably cross his mid-line when doing physical games) but like a lot of other things he might just push his way through because it’s what he wants. Yep I’m along for the ride on this one.

Hoping to spend tomorrow in the mountains but we’ll see if we can get up early enough to drive Papa to work.