This a busy month of working for us. Tuesday was our only day off together for the entire month. So we jumped at the chance to head to the mountains.


There was some prickle removal.

prickle removal

Lots of rock climbing.


And making new friends.

A new friend

After we we’re done we headed down to Boulder for lunch at an Indian Restaurant. Then over to the near by gear store to wander around and dream of all the trips we want to take some day. While we were there Alder was running over to Kevin in the book section and didn’t stop himself fast enough and took a header into the bookcase. It was a pretty deep cut, and even though he stopped crying in about two minutes and we headed to the near by urgent care and they took one look at Alder and shook there heads, there was no way they were going stitch up a kid as young as he was.

So we headed back home (they said we had six hours to get it stitched up in) and to the amazing children’s emergency room two blocks from our house. What an amazing experience everyone was so kind and attentive. The whole time we were there we didn’t see another patient. They had nice private rooms and really cool stuff to play with in the waiting room.

Alder was amazing too, he had already been back in a good mood for hours. But he didn’t complain at all while they poked and prodded him. In fact the whole time the doctor was stitching him up he was just talking to her and not moving at all. When it was time to go he didn’t want to leave, even though it was almost 10 pm.

Chicks dig scars right?