We’re finding our way through this first year back in Colorado. We’re learning to find the soul of our family and seeing how we can nurture it. This hasn’t been an easy process, tears have fallen, too many movies watched. But here on the other side we are letting go of a lot and finding joy in where we are and what we’re doing. We are accepting what we have, who we are and things are falling into place.

This isn’t something that’s happened on our own. The amount of support that our Denver friends, and family, have given us is nothing less than amazing. Besides the babysitting, and heavy lifting, they have supported all of our dreams; been excited with us, and pushed us to do what they know we are able. And when everything else has been said and done they’ve handed us a beer and asked no questions. It all makes me wonder how we ever thought we could survive without a community of friends around us. Not all of them were from before, some have fallen into our lives now just when the world conspired for it to be and their friendship is just as important.

Last year at this time we were shoving every last thing we owned into a rental van. Defeated we were retracing our path across the country. A few days after we arrived in Colorado was Alder’s birthday and amazingly we had a full house of friends and family. I think it was in that moment that I started to understand why we had returned, though it took months for it to sink in.

This community of people around us are really my stars. Forget the ones in Hollywood they’ve got nothing on my friends.

bowl full of stars