Buddhists have the best yard sales

We didn’t do anything special this weekend, just hung around in the city avoiding all the various crowds that long weekend festivals bring. But I got to sneak away Saturday morning for a while and so some yard sales and farmers markets.


I’m trying to carry the camera more again, looking for details in spaces we spend lots of time. The new from the old.


The weather is shifting, spring is giving way to summer and with it the dry hot days and wonderful evenings that Denver has. We aren’t deep into the heat yet, now is the time to revel in it, knowing that even the hottest night cools just before dawn.


We’ve been taking alleys instead of sidewalks, they are a world to themselves.

In Seasons

While everything is heating up around here it has been a cool spring, so the farm pickings are still slim. We hear rumors of the local berry farm opening in a few weeks, until then we revel in kohlrabi and early potatoes and dream of full markets.

I can tell that summer is starting our weekends are beginning to fill with plans and adventure. There’s a mountain to play at tomorrow and family visiting later in the week. But for now I am reveling in sitting on the porch as I write this.