What a week!

So much has happened. There are jobs to be had, new things learned, hikes taken, food cooked, books read, lost things found, and more things put in the garden. Oh and somewhere in there I managed to write 17 pages. This week seemed like the right thing to do, and it was. I think I am going to modify my computer use a lot from now on, a little time in the morning to make plans and a bit in the evening for fun but really there is just so much life out there to be lived.

He Drew Himself

We also discovered Barr Lake State Park. Where we saw all sorts of birds…. including pelicans.


….and walked along an awfully long cause-way.

It was a chance to reconnect with the world. A spring awakening for me where I could see just how much I sometimes hide behind the computer. It makes me think that maybe I should take a little more time out in the sunshine every day and a little more time in bed with a book before sleeping. Yeah all those things will make me happy…..although I won’t stopping being here sometimes.