We are learning all the time, from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. Usually it’s just us exploring our world and playing. But once a week we meet up with a few other families for a Preschool Co-op. We rotate houses, listen to stories, do activities and then the kids play and the parents talk. These moments are precious, to watch as Alder creates relationships with kids he sees every week. The kids range from two to six and they all get along, we are all like-minded in our parenting, having met through an AP group, and you can see it in the kids who might be full of energy and bounding around but are still so kind and gentle to each other. This is important to me, for him to learn how to be with other children who are on similar journeys.

Sharing crustations

I don’t want him to turn five and suddenly wonder why everyone is in school, I want him to know other kids whose learning hasn’t been interrupted by the system. I don’t want it to be a surprise, so that on that first day of school he’ll know a couple dozen other kids out and about in the world learning just like him.