Mother’s Day is so built up, it’s supposed to be all flowers and chocolates, jewels and pedicures. Mine was none of those things but completely perfect.

Sleeping until 8 and being woken up by tens of Alder kisses. Welcomed with words of how it was my day, just for me.

Sunny time in the kitchen, radio playing and things smelling oh so good.

Sunday morning ritual at the local coffee shop for Alder and I.

Then a walk in search of a hose nozzle. Along the way we saw this
you are so beautiful

Back home for a few hours of sun and water and garden and reading and more sun.

Time passes and shifts, Papa wakes up, more garden time.

The hour approaches for leaving. A short drive across town. For: Turtle day!!!!
After months in their special fridge the turtles are back.



In their special little world.

This was followed by a lazy afternoon in another garden with good friends. This was my true gift being around close friends with Alder and Kevin. I know Mother’s Day is supposed to be all about being  just as family but for me the gift was to have this afternoon that drifted into twilight enjoying the warm weather with good friends, just like it is supposed to be.

And he knew this is what I needed (isn’t he cute in his summery pants and everything?)
ain't he cute?

The night drifted into delicious sleep, nothing could have been a finer day.