When we got out there is so much to see and do. Look past the views down by your feet or maybe just to the side. That’s where you’ll see it, the real world we inhabit. Do you see it? Or maybe it’s one of those days where you just need to be out doing it, life that is.

Have you tried the new monkey bars? Or figured out why they dam the river?
I want to take a picture of you mama
Those are good too. But look there’s a hill can we eat grapefruit there and roll down it? spontaneous train ride
See that big cloud better run, why there’s the train can we go for a ride.
I want to take a picture of this
That’s how a day puts itself together, the purpose is still there but the gravity of somethings pull us that way and this. When the meetings and errands are done the purpose becomes pure and free curbed only by weather and tiredness. That’s what brings us down past the farmer’s market sitting backwards on the train. It’s what finds the tulips that are opening with one last stretch saying look at me I am vital!!