I’m in the middle of Census Training, I’m a enumerator (someone who comes to your door if you haven’t filled out your census), and I start work next week. But for now it means that I am stuck sitting in a classroom being lectured at. Remembering exactly what I dislike about schools. Luckily when the training is done all the work is outside going door to door, and in the evenings and weekends mainly. So I still get to spend my days with Alder, though my writing time will be cut into some.

Ah well.

Until next time I will leave you with some moments from the last week.


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3 is full of let me give you a hug followed by ack! my bagel is cut in half I can’t eat it now, followed by do you know how the Ram-Stams make happy?

[more on Ram-Stams soon, just know they are a sort of dragon that have no eyes, but can make them when they need them]